Green Living Tips

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Ready To "Go Green"?

Here are some ways to get started!

  • Purchase energy-efficient appliances such as those marked with the Energy Star label.
  • Replace conventional light bulbs with ones marked as energy-conserving.
  • Keep your thermostat set a few degrees lower (in winter) or higher (in summer) when you are not at home.
  • Turn off all lights when leaving a room -- or install motion-sensitive switches that automatically shut off lights when movement is no longer detected in the room.
  • Participate in MCIA-sponsored Household Chemical Waste Disposal and E-Waste Recycling days!
  • Got a garden? Compost your vegetable and fruit waste to make natural fertilizing mulch.
  • Cut it and leave it. Grass clippings are great for your lawn.
  • Turn off computers, radios, and televisions when not in use.
  • Put decorative lights on timers.
  • Consider installing a solar panel.
  • Instead of spending your weekends indoors watching television or playing video games with your kids, consider having fun outdoors instead -- even something as simple as taking a walk around your neighborhood saves a little electricity.
  • Read periodicals online or at your local library; recycle your used periodicals by donating to nursing homes, veterans' homes or senior citizen centers.
  • Invest in a bicycle and use it to run small errands close to home, or even to commute to work or school. You'll be healthier for it!
  • Install energy-conserving windows. The more airtight a window is when closed, the more energy-efficient your home will be. If you do not own your home, try using weather-stripping on leaky windows.
  • Use weather-stripping to improve the energy efficiency of drafty doors.
  • Check all faucets, dishwashers, water heaters, washing machines, and other water appliances for leaks.
  • "Brown Bag It'' in a lunch box instead of a paper bag.
  • Canvas is a keeper; use canvas totes when you grocery shop.
  • Your trash might be a treasure; donate your unwanted items-clothing, eyeglasses, cell phones, electronics and more-to charity instead of tossing them away.
  • Opt for the smallest, most fuel-efficient motor vehicle large enough to meet your family's needs. Remember that many popular cars and SUVs are also available as gas-electric hybrids.
  • Slow down! Reducing highway speeds will decrease fuel consumption.
  • Keep auto tires properly inflated, improving mileage and saving gas.
  • Telecommute if your business offers this option.
  • Last but not least: go paperless, as we've done with this online guide. Think about how you can reduce the amount of pages you print at work and at home. When you do print something, print on both sides of each page if possible.