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Workforce Development Board Committees

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Committees under the Mercer County Workforce Development Board

  • Advanced Manufacturing - seeks to identify career pathways, employer needs, and training gaps, and coordinates the provision of training in order to adequately prepare the workforce for future opportunities in this continuously growing field. It aims to debunk myths/stereotypes about manufacturing jobs by providing accurate information on this industry and its demand for jobs to schools (students/counselors), parents, and adult job seekers
  • Disabilitiesseeks to gather information and coordinate the services available to the disabled population by connecting with the local office of the NJ Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation and community agencies.The goal is to assist service providers to deliver the most comprehensive and updated information and services available.
  • Health Care – seeks to identify career pathways, employer needs and training gaps, and coordinate the provision of needed training in order to adequately prepare the workforce for future opportunities in this fast and continuously growing field.
  • Literacy – collaborates with literacy service providers to ensure individuals receive the appropriate instruction to assist them in obtaining their High School Equivalency (formerly GED), learn/improve their English language proficiency, upgrade educational levels necessary for occupational training, and acquire citizenship skills.
  • Executive Oversight reviews the services and activities carried out by the One Stop, primarily those administered by the County. These include individual vendor performance for those entities that provide occupational training and overall workforce development performance. It comprises private sector members.
  • Youth Investment Council – reviews services and activities provided to the 16-24 youth population.

Committee Membership Listing: Mercer WDB Committees

The committees meet bimonthly and are chaired by a business leader in the community. To inquire about joining a committee, please contact Virgen Velez (609) 989-6824 or