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Letter of Support: Policy

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Organizations requesting letters of support from, or the endorsement of the Mercer County Workforce Development Board (WDB) are asked to provide an Executive Summary or short narrative that at a minimum, includes the following information:

  • What is being requested from the WDB, (i.e. letter of support, participation, consortium membership, etc.).
  • Who is the contact person for this grant or project, and indicate his or her telephone number.
  • Funding source of the proposed program, and total amount of funding being requested.
  • Services that are to be offered.
  • Target groups to be served, including the number of individuals to be served and where services will be offered.
  • Time frames or dates of when the proposed program is expected to be administered.
  • Anticipated outcomes of the program.
  • The proposed budget, in detail.
  • Indication of whether or not similar programs exist in Mercer County.
  • Indication, if known, of other organization(s) applying for the same funds.
  • Indication of whether or not the services will be made available to Workforce Investment Act (WIA) eligible participants.
  • If this is an ongoing or continuation grant or project, indicate results of previous years.
  • Minimum of ten (10) days prior notice.
  • Coordination with other entities.
  • Reference what is required (provide copy).