Uniformed Personnel

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Court Security

The primary duty of the Sheriff's Office is to provide security for everyone throughout both the Civil and Criminal Court House. This includes judges as well as court personnel and the general public. Currently there are 18 Superior Court Judges assigned among each Court House. Officers assigned to the court house entrances maintain a metal detector which scans all who enter for concealed weapons. Officers provide security by guarding prisoners while they are in court for a trial or before a judge on other judicial matters. These officers are also responsible to guard and protect the juries during trials and deliberations. Sheriff's Officers must remain with the jury to ensure their safety as well as to prevent any outside contact to avoid influencing or tampering of jurors.


Sheriff's Officers assigned to Prisoner Transport are responsible for moving incarcerated inmates, both juveniles and adults, to and from court, state and county institutions and intra-state agencies. In an average year approximately 4,000 inmates are transported.

Trenton-Mercer Airport Sub-Station

In 1995 the Mercer County Sheriff's Office opened a sub-station at the Trenton-Mercer Airport. Sheriff's Officers assigned here for duty are responsible for patrolling the airport grounds, terminal and airfield. Motor vehicle enforcement and general policing duties are performed here.

Civil Process Division

Summons and Complaint - paperwork advising a person of a civil lawsuit that is filed against them for any of the following:

  1. Auto Accident (anytime within the prior two years)
  2. Foreclosure (delinquent mortgage payment)
  3. Matrimonial Matter (divorce or motion for change in prior decree)
  4. Delinquent payments on Credit Cards or Loans 
  5. Personal Injury (someone hurt on your property or someone hurt by you)

Court Notices

Restraining Orders

  1. Serve new Temporary Restraining Orders
    1. Deliver actual paper copy
    2. Carry out the Courts Orders on the T.R.O.
    3. Seizure of weapons per court order
    4. Execution of Search Warrant for weapons
  2. Serve notices of new or continued court dates

Writ of Execution - Court Order to recover judgments against a person/business

  1. Wage Garnishment
  2. Seizure of money to satisfy judgments from:
    1. Bank/Credit Union
    2. Checking accounts
    3. Certificates of Deposit 
    4. Christmas Vacation Clubs
    5. Safe Deposit Box

Writ of Possession - Court Order to take control of the property sold at the Sheriff's Sale and turn it over to the purchaser.