Informational Literature

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The Surrogate’s Office has available free of charge the following literature:

What is Meant By Probate?

A plain language explanation of the probate procedure and Administration C.T.A. 

What If I Die Without A Will?

A plain language explanation of the three procedures – Administration, Affidavit of Surviving Spouse and Affidavit of Next of Kin - estate distribution; degree of kinship chart and administration ad prosequendum 

Why Make A Will?

An explanation of the reasons why you should have a Will and what will happen to your estate if you do not have a Will. Addresses reasons for changes in your Will and why you should have a Living Will. 

Administering an Estate

A twenty-four step list of significant date and deadlines that need to be considered in administering an estate.

Refunding and Release Bond Procedure

A simple interpretation of NJSA 3B:23-24 with sample and instructions to completing form T987 by Blumberg.

The Executor or Administrator of an Estate and the New Jersey Child Support Legislation

An simple language interpretation of P.L.2000, c.81 and how it affects your responsibility as the Executor or Administrator in distributing to the beneficiaries
of an estate.

Wills Probate and Administration: An Information Guide

A booklet which addresses the most commonly asked questions regarding Wills Probate and Administration and taxes with a Family Tree chart, and glossary of terms.

A Personal Record Book of________________________

A fifteen page booklet that offers you the opportunity to record all about yourself from your legal residence to your cemetery plot location. A most helpful tool in keeping your papers in order. Includes a Digital Assets section that offers you the opportunity to keep a record of your digital assets from location to password.

Living Will Kit

A kit that contains a 12 page booklet that addresses the most commonly asked questions regarding Advance Directive for Health Care, a checklist of questions to ask yourself and a combined Advance Directive for Health Care.