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Diane Gerofsky, Mercer County Surrogate


As of July 6, 2020, there will be a skeletal staff available to answer your questions and concerns by telephone. The probate staff may be reached at 609 989-6327, 609 989-6483, 609 989-6321 and 609 989-6039. 

For any emergent matters in Mercer Chancery you should call (609) 571-4200 extension 76019 or email


Dear Citizen,

Welcome to the Mercer County Surrogate’s Court. As Surrogate of Mercer County I am pleased to present to you our newly expanded Web site. Our web site will provide you with valuable information on the various areas of services we offer to you.

Our web site is just one of many on-going outreach programs the Surrogate’s office offers to our citizens. Our many other outreach programs are outlined in Community Outreach Programs.

If you look to the left at our Directory you will find the list our services by category. This site will continually be updated to offer you the most recent changes in legislation and Court Rule.

May this information be of assistance to you. Thank you for your interest and time in visiting our website.

Diane Gerofsky, Surrogate of the County of Mercer



Surrogate - Diane Gerofsky

(609) 989-6331

Judge of the Surrogate Court
Deputy Clerk of Court Chancery Division
Probate Part and Family Part

Deputy Surrogate - Elizabeth A. Scannella, Esq.

(609) 989-6323

Court Matters
Formal Accountings
Contested Probate Matters
Incapacitated Persons Guardianships

Special Deputy Surrogate - Lizette Hamdan

(609) 989-6326

Court Matters
Probate Procedures
Adoption Proceedings
Incapacitated Persons Guardianships
Formal and Guardianship Accountings

Secretary to the Surrogate - Kelly Balerna

(609) 989-6336

Secretary to the Surrogate Judge
General Information
Satellite Office Scheduler
Time and Payroll (Surrogate Office)