Clerk to the Board

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The Clerk to the Board's long-range goal is to maintain proficiency for efficiency and cost savings. The expertise of the Clerk and the operation of his/her department adds to County Government's ability to function in a highly professional manner. The Clerk's goal is to review and update various functions of the department. Such functions include working with counsels to update the Administrative Code and draft ordinances for due to code changes; keeping abreast of the County Charter Law, Sunshine Law, Local Finance and State Laws in order that the Board's function is in complete accord. The Clerk to the Board's office is also responsible for keeping a permanent and continuous record of operation.

The Clerk acts as a liaison between the Freeholders and the public. To further assist the Freeholder Board conduct their meetings and other duties, the Clerk to the Board is responsible for the preparation of meeting materials, including communications, checking and drafting resolutions and ordinances, preparing minutes of meetings for Board's approval, arranging for all public hearings, and copying and distributing of said transcripts. The Clerk is also responsible for maintaining a permanent record of minutes and binding of resolutions and ordinances.

The office of Clerk to the Board of Chosen Freeholders is located in Room 217  at Mercer County's McDade Administration Building at 640 South Broad Street in Trenton, NJ. The office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each weekday. Anyone wishing to be scheduled on the Agenda for a Freeholder Meeting may do so by writing to the Clerk by noon on Wednesday prior to the following week's agenda meeting. If necessary, any special and/or emergency request may be made by phone either to the Clerk's office at (609) 989-6584 or directly to the Chairman of the Board. The Clerk's office can also provide copies of minutes, resolutions and ordinances, which can be purchased.