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Freeholders Join the Fight for 15

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Board Calls on Legislature to implement legislation aimed towards raising the minimum wage



Trenton - The Mercer County Board of Chosen Freeholders unanimously approved a resolution that supports the goal of a minimum hourly wage of $15.00.   

The resolution calls on the Governor and State Legislature to immediately implement legislation aimed at reaching the objective of a minimum hourly wage of $15.00. 

"Sadly many of Mercer's working-class can't pursue educational, cultural, and other recreational opportunities because they are struggling to meet their household's most basic needs," said Freeholder Chairman Sam Frisby.

The current minimum wage in the state of New Jersey is $8.38 an hour, which falls within poverty wages for single adults.

"The goal of this resolution is see a gradual increase in our State's minimum wage, with the ultimate goal of reaching $15.00 per hour," said Freeholder Lucylle Walter. "The time for a real living wage is now,"

Fight for $15 movement began in 2012 with the walk out of fast food workers in New York City, but has since grown to include the demand for a real living wage for all and has taken root in communities across New Jersey and the United States.