Preparing for Travel on an Airplane

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  1. We are traveling on a plane to visit a new place. I am feeling excited and a little nervous.
  2. We drive to Trenton-Mercer Airport.
  3. We park the car in a safe parking lot and get our suitcases out of the car.
  4. We go to a counter or kiosk where we get the tickets.
  5. I give them my suitcase that goes on a conveyor belt..
  6. We walk into the terminal and go down a long staircase.
  7. We might have to wait in a line but I can look around at all the interesting signs and equipment. I get to keep my backpack to take on the plane. It has my iPad and earphones and snacks inside. We walk to another part of the airport where Security agents meet us. We give them our tickets and identification. These are called documents.
  8. We put our backpacks, bags and jackets on the conveyor belt and they go into a tunnel to scan or get a picture taken of them.
  9. Then everyone in my family walks through a scanner. No coins or phones in our pockets and I take off my watch until the other side!
  10. We wait in an area with lots of seats and a TV. We can get a snack too!
  11. I can see the runway through the window. It is 6,000 feet long!
  12. We wait our turn to get our luggage. I look around to make sure I have all my belongings.
  13. We go to get our luggage. There is more waiting but I watch the suitcases go around and around the carousel.
  14. Everyone who waited with us is looking for their suitcase! I spot ours and we take them off.
  15. We walk to the car rental to get a car for vacation, or someone will come to pick us up from the airport. I think airports are pretty cool!