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Taxi and limousine service from the Trenton-Mercer Airport to the Trenton Train Station is available; taxi rates to the station are approximately $35, West Trenton Station for approximately $8. Other destinations are also available. Taxis are usually available in front of the terminal building. Contact information for taxi companies and limos licensed by Ewing Township are listed below, and can also be found near the public telephones inside the passenger terminal.  Confirm rates with driver prior to utilizing any taxi or limousine service.

Acura Taxi 609-964-9490
All Star Taxi 609-943-8250
Angel's Touch Limo and Transportation 609-989-0945
Bird Limousine 609-423-7911
Blessed Taxi 609-273-2904
City Cab and Limo 609-598-1020
Ebenezer Taxi 6095294846 
Economy Taxi & Limo 609-695-8999 
Emmanuel's Taxi 609-209-3169
Express Transport 609-424-7879
Geo Taxi 609-954-2250
GOD Taxi 609-358-5348
H.N.H. Taxi 609-933-0305
Jr's Taxi 609-638-0801
Juste's Cab 609-977-7396
Lester Van Service (Limo) 609-588-4099
Louis Cab 609-558-7165
Mercer Cab 609-954-9047
Mike Limo Service 609-496-2288
Satchel Page Limo 609-802-1554
NJ One Taxi and Limo 609-977-0425
Trent Cab 609-394-1213
United Cab 609-393-8778
United One Cab 609-771-8080
Tu Primo, LLC 609-540-8173
Fraternity Taxi 609-468-9805
B-Love DJ's Taxi Service, LLC 609-575-2550
Bethel Taxi 609-529-8231
Golden Cab 609-672-3717
Randys Limo 609-712-2364
Above Average 609-968-0158
Acura Taxi 609-964-9490
Benz GTS 609-364-0578
Khan Taxi 609-847-0093
Sky Taxi 609-989-0991


New Jersey Transit connects the Trenton Train Station to New York City for approximately $16. Check current rates, schedules, and delays at or by calling New Jersey Transit at 973-275-5555.

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) connects Trenton and West Trenton to Center City Philadelphia for approximately $11. Check current rates, schedules, and delays at or by calling SEPTA at 215-580-7800.