Mosquito Spraying Schedule

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Adulticide applications (spraying) are conducted when biting adult mosquito populations exceed public health or nuisance thresholds. These applications are conducted via truck-mounted, ultra low-volume cold aerosol sprayers during late evening or early morning hours. Mercer County applies products (adulticides) recommended by Rutgers University for mosquito control in New Jersey, and a complete list with accompanying labels and MSDS sheets can be found here. The office maintains no regular “schedule” for spraying, and these applications are only conducted when deemed absolutely necessary (and under the appropriate environmental conditions) in order to bring mosquito populations to tolerable levels or to ward off potential mosquito-borne disease outbreaks. Specific street addresses are not published, but adulticide applications are conducted on an area-wide basis, and targets where adult mosquito populations may be concentrated during application times. For further questions or information, please browse our website or call/email directly.


Truck-Mounted ULV

 Adulticide Spray Sites

*Weather Permitting*

Date: Friday, Oct. 12 to Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2018

Time: Approximately 11 p.m. until 5:30 a.m. or sunrise

Product to be used:

(For Product Label use the Link provided below) 

Zenivex E4


Gary Dr Area

Partridge Ave Area

S Olden Ave Area

Veterans Park Area

Nottingham Way Area

Allen St Area

Lake Ave Area

Lake Ave/McClellan Ave area

Brockton Rd Area

Birkshire Rd Area


Bakers Basin Rd Area

Millerick Ave Area

Stratford Dr Area

Port Mercer Area

Lawrence Station Rd Area

Shinney Ln Area

West Windsor

Jarrett Ct Area

Springhill Dr & Victoria Pl Area


Ewingville Rd Area

Blossom Drive Area

Thurston Ave & Sutherland Ave Area



For more information about Truck-Mounted Adulticide spraying follow the link provided below.

What you need to know about Truck Spraying.(