Snow Removal

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The County Snow Removal plan covers nearly 180 miles (425 lane miles) of County Routes and Roadways. At the beginning of each winter season, 6,000 tons of salt stands ready to be dispersed by a fleet of 60 storm safety response vehicles.

When ice and snow endanger the safety of the traveling public, many factors are considered as the Highway Division manages the winter driving safety conditions. Variables weighed include the amount of snowfall; duration and intensity of the storm; meteorological parameters of temperature, humidity and wind force; and availability of appropriate treatment material, staffing and equipment. Through careful analysis, the Highway Division provides the maximum level of service possible to residents of and travelers within Mercer County.

At the beginning of a storm, de-icing materials are spread first to prevent snow or ice from bonding to the road surface. Depending on the intensity of the storm, plowing operations follow. Plows will not be lifted at driveways.

During a typical snowstorm, it takes approximately 24 to 36 hours to complete service to the entire County roadway system. However, the Highway Division is only responsible for the removal of ice and snow from County Routes and Roadways.


The Highway Division will provide access for emergency vehicles during life-threatening individual emergencies such as birth, illness, death, fuel deliveries or fire upon the request of a Municipal Police Department, a Municipal Fire Department, the  County's Director of Transportation & Infrastructure or the County Executive. The Superintendent of Public Works will evaluate and respond to each such request in the most effective manner.

Municipal Police Departments:

  • East Windsor Township - 609-448-5678
  • Ewing Township - 609-882-1313
  • Hamilton Township - 609-581-4000
  • Hightstown Borough - 609-448-1234
  • Hopewell Borough - 609-737-3100
  • Hopewell Township - 609-737-3100
  • Lawrence Township - 609-896-0225
  • Pennington Borough - 609-737-2020
  • Princeton - 609-921-2100
  • Robbinsville Township - 609-259-3900
  • City of Trenton - 609-989-4170
  • West Windsor Township - 609-799-1222

State Roadways

Please contact New Jersey Department of Transportation at 732-308-4086 for snow removal on State Highways and Interstates.

Local Roadways

To request snow removal and report safety conditions on local roadways, residents or travelers must notify the proper Municipal Public Works Department.

Municipal Public Works Departments:

  • East Windsor Township - 609-443‐4000, ext. 215
  • Ewing Township - 609-882‐2382
  • Hamilton Township - 609-526‐0311
  • Hightstown Borough - 609-490‐5115
  • Hopewell Borough - 609-466‐0168
  • Hopewell Township - 609-737‐0799
  • Pennington Borough - 609-737‐9440
  • Princeton - 609-688‐2566
  • Robbinsville Township - 609-259‐0422 
  • City of Trenton - 609-989‐315
  • West Windsor Township - 609-799‐8370

Clearing Sidewalks

The Highway Division does not maintain any sidewalks, including snow removal, with the exception of sidewalks adjacent to County buildings and including some Libraries and Public Agencies. The owner of property abutting a sidewalk in a public right-of-way is responsible for removing snow from the sidewalk within 48 hours after the snow has fallen. Should you wish to file a complaint, contact the local Police Department in which the sidewalk is located at the appropriate telephone number above.

Helpful Tips

  • Remove vehicles to off-street parking when a storm is predicted to allow police officers, firefighters and paramedics to respond quickly to public safety emergencies during treacherous conditions.
  • Drive only when necessary and prepare your vehicle for snow conditions.
  • Do not throw snow into streets, as it may hit passing vehicles or block traffic flow.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation in support of the Highway Division's efforts to provide the best possible snow removal service to Mercer County residents and travelers.

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