Deer Carcass Management - Traffic Hazard Remediation

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Deer Carcass Management Program Hotline


The County Deer Carcass Management Program removes dead deer within the right of way on County Routes and Roadways creating a traffic hazard. These traffic hazards should be reported by calling (609) 530-7510. The reported hazard will be removed by a County contractor by the next business day. 

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your Name and Phone Number
  • Town where the carcass is located
  • County Route Number and Name
  • Nearest Distinctive Landmark to carcass for allow for exact navigation and retrieval

Please refer to our County Routes and Roadways webpage to identify the County-maintained roadways within each of our 12 municipalities. 

Carcasses of domestic animals or smaller wildlife do not pose a traffic hazard and do not need to be reported.

Deer on Local Roadways

If the deer carcass traffic hazard is located on a local roadway, residents or drivers must notify the proper Municipal Public Works Department. Please refer to the list below:

Municipal Public Works Departments

  • East Windsor Township (609) 443‐4000, ext. 215
  • Ewing Township (609) 882‐2382
  • Hamilton Township (609) 526‐0311
  • Hightstown Borough (609) 490‐5115
  • Hopewell Borough (609) 466‐0168
  • Hopewell Township  (609) 737‐0799
  • Pennington Borough (609) 737‐9440
  • Princeton (609) 688‐2566
  • Robbinsville Township (609) 259‐0422
  • West Windsor Township (609) 799‐8370
  • City of Trenton (609) 989‐3151

Deer on State Highways

To report a deer carcass traffic hazard on a State Highway or Interstate, please contact the State of New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) by calling (609) 588-6212.

Accidents Involving Deer

If a driver is involved in an accident involving a deer, please call the police department of the municipality where the accident took place as soon as possible. Please refer to the list below:

Municipal Police Departments

  • East Windsor Township 609-448-5678
  • Ewing Township 609-882-1313
  • Hamilton Township 609-581-4000
  • Hightstown Borough 609-448-1234
  • Hopewell Borough 609-737-3100
  • Hopewell Township 609-737-3100
  • Lawrence Township 609-896-0225
  • Pennington Borough 609-737-2020
  • Princeton 609-921-2100
  • Robbinsville Township 609-259-3900
  • West Windsor Township 609-799-1222

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