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Project of the Year

Bear Tavern Road and Jacobs Creek Road Bridges, Hopewell Township

After decades of planning by the County, the opening of the Bear Tavern Road Bridge (BTRB) and the Jacobs Creek Road Bridge (JCRB) in September 2014 restored mobility and continuity to the area. The BTRB (built in 1882) was closed in 2009 due to structural deficiencies. At that time, efforts commenced for the removal, rehabilitation and relocation design of the historic structure. Once this was completed, the process for full replacement of the bridge on a new alignment began. As part of the roadway realignment improvements and to improve functionality, the obsolete JCRB over Ewing Creek was also replaced. However, in August 2011, effects from Hurricane Irene caused extensive flood damage to the foundations of the BTRB, requiring emergency removal of the historic truss to preserve the structure. The bridge is a registered Hopewell Township historic landmark and eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.  Despite numerous delays and challenges, the completed replacement of the bridge now stands as a testament to the County’s willingness to collaborate with stakeholders to acknowledge the historic significance of the site while ensuring the bridge and new roadway alignment optimizes traffic safety. Aesthetic treatments included stone facings on substructure units, parapets and retaining walls that replicate the original stone work on walls that had to be removed. Obelisks were installed on the BTRB with plaques detailing the area's historic significance. Finally, an interpretive area with kiosks describing the area’s history was integrated into the design. Further preservation will be realized after the salvaged components from the BTRB’s truss, which have been cleaned and primed, are replicated and placed at the Howell Living History Farm.

Bear Tavern Road Bridge   Jacobs Creek Road Bridge

 Bear Tavern Road Bridge                    Jacobs Creek Road Bridge

In 2015, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Central Jersey Branch honored Mercer County for Project of the Year at its awards dinner.

ASCE Award

 From left:  Supervising Engineer Basit (Sunny) Muzaffar; Director of DOT & I/County Engineer Gregory Sandusky; County Traffic Engineer George Fallat


In 2016, Mercer County received the Project of the Year award presented by the Professional Engineers Society of Mercer County.

Project of the Year Award Engineering

   From left:  Deputy Administrator Aaron T. Watson; Mercer County Executive Brian M. Hughes;
Director of DOT & I/Mercer County Engineer Gregory Sandusky; Supervising Engineer Basit Muzaffar

American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC)

Rosedale Road Bridge, Princeton Township

Mercer County was granted the 2010 Award for Engineering Excellence by the ACEC for reconstruction of the Rosedale Road Bridge in Princeton and has been recognized with two different awards by two separate professional organizations for its outstanding design and construction.  The New Jersey Chapter of the American Concrete Institute and the New Jersey Concrete and Aggregate Association, recognized Rosedale Road Bridge with its highest honor, the Grand Award, which is given to the top project in the State of New Jersey.

 Rosedale Road

Rosedale Road Bridge