Voting Machine Demos

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Mercer County has audio/visual voting machines available for each district for the hearing and visually impaired.
Requests for Voting Machine Demos should be made in writing and mailed or faxed attention to:

Catherine DiCostanzo
Superintendent of Elections
Commissioner of Registration
McDade Administration Building
640 South Broad St., P.O. Box 8068
Trenton NJ 08650
Fax: 609-989-6888

Please include the following on your request:

1. Address

2. Date and length of time that you would like to schedule a demo.

This office will contact you and let you know if the machines are available at the time of your request. Please keep in mind that requests cannot be made 3 weeks before or after an election, due to the voting machine having to be impounded. There is a fee for transporting the voting machines please call 609-586-4753 for more information.