How to Vote

Press Enter to show all options, press Tab go to next option

Ready, Set, Vote

The first thing that you’ll notice is that there is no more red lever to close the curtain behind you. The curtain provides you with all the privacy that you need. Just make sure to close it when you step into the booth.

Next, you’ll notice that the screen is laid out just like the sample ballot that you receive in the mail. It’s always important to study the sample ballot before you go to the polls. If you’ve done that, you’ll be able to find your choices immediately. In any case, this full-faced ballot layout makes it easier to navigate the selections. Just take a moment to survey the screen before you start to vote. If you have any trouble finding a candidate or a question on the ballot, just ask one of the poll workers and they’ll be happy to help you.

Touch-Screen Voting

That’s right, there are no more levers to pull. These machines feature touch-screen technology that allow you to simply touch the button next to your selection in order to make your choices.

To the left of every row of choices, you’ll see a lighted X . That identifies every contest.

To the right of every box in which a candidate’s name appears, you’ll notice a numbered button. Just press the button next to the candidate for whom you are voting, and the lighted X should appear next to his or her name.

Want to change your vote? Just press the same button again the X will disappear. Now you can press another button, and the X will appear next to your new selection.

Find the write-in column, and then identify the race in which you want to cast a write-in vote. Press the button, and the X will start flashing.

Press the button next to your selection, and the X will appear indicating the choice that you’ve made. Press the button again and the X disappears. Now you can make another choice.

First, scan the ballot screen for the write-in column and then identify the office for which you want to cast a write-in vote. Then push the button. The lighted X should begin flashing inside the box that you’ve selected.

Then look to the bottom of the machine and locate the text screen to your left and the keyboard to its right. Using the keyboard, type in the name of the person for whom you wish to vote. When you’re finished typing, check the text screen to make sure that you’ve spelled everything correctly and press the green “Enter” button. You’ll notice that the lighted X has stopped flashing. Your write-in vote has been stored.

Keep this in mind. Once you have pressed the green “Enter” button, you cannot change your write in vote. So check everything carefully before you press that button.

Cast Your Vote

Now that you’ve made all of your selections, you are ready to cast your ballot. First, take a moment to check the ballot screen one more time to review your selections. Then, press the red “Cast Vote” button on the bottom right of the machine. Once you’ve done that, your vote has been cast.

Remember, the curtain does not open automatically like the old machines. So make sure that you don’t open the curtain until you have cast your vote.

That’s it, and it’s all very simple. I hope that these instructions have been helpful. If you have any questions regarding the new voting machines, please call my office.