Voting Machines

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Dear Mercer County Resident,

As the Mercer County Superintendent of Elections, I am pleased to help you learn how to use your electronic voting machines. Even if you don't have much experience with electronics, you'll find that voting on these machines is fast and easy.

In addition to using fast and easy machines, Mercer County has 300 audio-capable voting machines available for each district for the visually impaired.

We selected this particular model, with its full-faced ballot and touch-screen technology, in order to make it easier for you to cast your vote, change your vote, write in a vote and finally record your vote, all within seconds of closing the curtain behind you. In addition, these machines are designed with features that make them more reliable, more efficient and more secure.

If you would like to schedule a demonstration for your church, your civic group or your club, please call (609) 586-4753 or email to make the arrangements.

Thank you very much for having taken the time to educate yourself on our voting machines, and don't forget to give us a call if we can be more helpful. In the meantime, good luck and we'll see you at the polls.


Catherine DiCostanzo
Superintendent of Elections