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The County’s vision for our GIS system includes both short-term data development goals and long-term cooperation and sharing.

The County continues to routinely update basic, thematic data and maps and makes them available to other government agencies, MPOs, and the public through the Internet Map Server. Cooperation with the County’s municipalities and its adjoining Counties continues to be integral to the maintenance and dissemination of accurate map data.

The County continues to work toward improvements in data development, integration and sharing. As part of a comprehensive mapping program the County will continue to develop transportation, cadastral, infrastructure, environmental and land use data themes. These basic, thematic maps will be used among County departments and government agencies in emergency management, asset management, open space and farmland preservation programs, planning analysis, environmental programs such as stormwater management, and economic development and demographic analysis.

More specifically, the County anticipates that the thematic data and maps will be used in both the short and long term for municipal and growth management planning, innovative programs like Transfer of Development Rights, federal programs like the wetland mitigation bank program, grant applications, and all other future planning programs that can be developed and realized through GIS.

The County wants to enhance cooperation with its municipalities and non-profits in order to develop and maintain some of these basic and essential layers. Over time, we hope to develop a larger, comprehensive system of data maintenance and sharing between County departments and other groups in our region. The County will continue to work toward widespread use of GIS analytical capabilities for greater regional cooperation and planning. In addition, increased, easier communication of data between the DVRPC and NJTPA staff is a long-term goal.

Eventually, we would like to see a network of GIS users cooperating at a regional level to share and maintain accurate data that would be available to use in planning processes in a variety of planning situations throughout the region. The County recognizes that a successful, comprehensive GIS is dependent on the needs of its users and the gradual development of data and implementation of software, hardware and staffing as needed. In long-term planning, the County has identified the importance of routinely evaluating the needs of its users and tailoring the GIS program to meet those needs.

Mercer County GIS Capabilities

Desktop GIS including ArcView, ArcGIS,Arc/Info, and ArcGIS Extensions

Server GIS including ArcIMS, ArcServer, and ArcSDE

Mobile GIS including ArcPad, ArcPad Application Builder, and Trimble GPS Units

Customized GIS applications including DataViewer 8.x

Networked Large Format Scanning Capabilities

Mercer County GIS Data

Data from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
County Data developed by DVRPC can be viewed, downloaded, and/or purchased from the DVRPC Data Services website at

County data developed by others and Orthophotography can be downloaded or purchased from the New Jersey Geographic Information Network (NJGIN) at:

County road centerline data developed by the NJDOT can be downloaded from the NJDOT at:

County data developed by the NJDEP can be downloaded from the NJDEP at:

County data from the Office of Smart Growth
Cross Acceptance/ State Planning Area boundaries
Mercer County GIS Cross Acceptance/State Planning Area data can be downloaded from the Office of Smart Growth website

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