Employee Return to Work Information

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Dear Mercer County Employees:

As promised, I wish to update you on the Mercer County Administration's COVID-19 Return to Work plan. Since the start of our response to the pandemic in March 2020, my administration has had a core group of leaders devoted to developing a thoughtful re-entry plan in order to keep our employees and the public we serve as safe as possible.

In my last correspondence to you regarding our return to work date, I stated that the County would reopen to employees no earlier than July 6, but subject to change . As we watch what is happening around the country to jurisdictions that perhaps opened too soon, and as a result are seeing a resurgence of cases of COVID-19, it is my recommendation that we continue to keep most Mercer County facilities closed for the time being.

We have scores of employees who are telecommuting and others who come into the office while following safety precautions when it comes to wearing a face covering, practicing social distancing and frequently washing their hands or using hand sanitizer. I appreciate that so many of you have been able to adapt during this crisis in order to continue to deliver services to our constituents, whether from home or from a County building.

At this time, all County employees who are working remotely are expected to continue to do so, and those employees who come into the office to provide services are similarly expected to do so. I appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate these uncharted waters and work diligently to improve our workplace environment. I look forward to letting you know when we will be able to return to our offices.


Brian M. Hughes, Mercer County Executive


The Mercer County Personnel Office has a set of new policies pertaining to COVID-19. Please review these policies. Should you have questions specific to your individual situation, that office will be happy to assist you as we begin to phase in the reopening of county facilities. Please take a moment to read the County Executive's letter of thanks.

Response Plan
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