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Neighborhood Centers CSBG Program

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The Mercer County Office for Community Centers and Childcare works with the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs to administer the Community Service Block Grant (CSBG) Program in Mercer County. Since the program's inception in 1964, Community Services Block Grant funds have been used to help low-income individuals move toward self-sufficiency. 

Funding community-based organizations to develop and maximize services and resources for low-income clients is a key step in leading residents and communities toward self-sufficiency. Eligible clients receive case management for comprehensive social service programs that include emergency food assistance; emergency rental assistance; emergency utility payment assistance; information and referral; employment services; income maintenance; health, nutrition, and general services; and youth programs. Through the Office of Community Center and Childcare's work with the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, these services are provided to Mercer County residents at three neighborhood centers; the County does not provide direct services to county residents through this program.

County residents must meet income-eligible guidelines as set forth by the National Association for State Community Services Programs. Eligible clients earn up to no more than 125% of the Federal Poverty Level in gross yearly wages. The Community Services Block Grant program income guidelines for 2020 as of Jan. 14, 2020, are as follows:

Household Size 125% Federal Poverty Level 
 1 $15,950 
 2 $21,550
 3  $27,150
 4  $32,750
 5  $38,350
 6  $43,950
 7  $49,550
 8  $55,150
 For each additional member, add  $5,600


The contracted agencies that provide the direct Community Services Block Grant program services will screen applicants for eligibility.