Funded Youth Services

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The Division of Youth Services has developed programmatic points of intervention and a comprehensive continuum of care for youth eligible to receive services, such as:

  • Prevention programs, which are strategies and services designed to increase the likelihood that youth will remain free from initial involvement with the formal or informal juvenile justice system.
  • Diversion programs, which offer alleged juvenile offenders an opportunity to avoid arrest and/or prosecution by providing alternatives to the formal juvenile justice system process.
  • Family crisis intervention, which provides 24-hour a day, 7-day a week, crisis response services within Mercer County to children/youth and their families who are experiencing behavioral, emotional, or juvenile-family crisis needs that place a child at risk of losing his/her placement in his/her home.
  • Disposition programs, where youth adjudicated delinquent are ordered by the courts to comply with specific sanctions, supervision, and services as a consequence for their delinquent behavior.
  • Treatment, under which services are the following:
    • Intervention and support services that target Mercer County court-impacted children.
    • Short-term crisis intervention and long-term individual, family, and group outpatient treatment for youth who are victims of sexual, physical or emotional mistreatment due to violence or delinquent acts.
    • Shelter beds and supervision for court-involved youth in the Mercer House youth shelter.
    • Immediate but temporary shelter to runaways, displaced youth, or youth who are unable to contact a guardian.
  • Juvenile detention alternatives, which provide supervision to juveniles who would otherwise be placed in a secure detention facility while awaiting final disposition of their cases.
  • Reentry program, which generally refers to the period of community-based supervision and services that follow a juvenile's release from a secure facility, residential program, or other structured dispositional placement.