Fixed Facility Program

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To enhance emergency preparedness, the Mercer County Division of Public Health, in conjunction with federal and state agencies, has developed a plan to respond to biological incidents, terrorist attacks, or other major disasters that may impact the health of our community. As part of this plan, the Division distributes lifesaving medications to a large segment of the population in a short period of time.

Given the potential scope and magnitude of such events, the Division of Public Health recognizes the need for collaboration between government, community agencies, faith-based organizations, and private businesses. Local business owners, leaders of faith-based organizations, and leaders of community agencies can help protect your organizations, your employees, your parishioners, and our community by making your organization a fixed facility, a private location where medications are distributed to a specific group of people.

As a fixed facility, your organization will receive free medication, most likely the antibiotics ciprofloxacin and doxycycline, that you will distribute to your staff and their household members, your parishioners, or, in the case of long-term care agencies, your residents. Having this medication on hand will prevent your organization’s members from leaving work or their homes to stand in line for hours to receive medications at a public point of distribution (POD).  Your business/agency will continue operations while providing a valuable service to your employees/agency members/parishioners and their family members. Please note you will not distribute medication to the general public, but only to those affiliated with your facility.

For more information on the fixed facility program, contact Stephanie Mendelsohn at 609-989-6898 or review this brochure and list of frequently asked questions.