Emergency Preparedness

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The Mercer County Division of Public Health's Local Information Network Communication System (LINCS) Agency prepares for public health emergencies such as natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and disease outbreaks. In the event of a natural disaster such as a hurricane, residents who cannot shelter-in-place may need to self-evacuate or be evacuated to a general population or medical needs shelter. In case of an act of terrorism involving the release of a biological agent such as anthrax, community residents may need to attend public Points of Distribution (PODs) to receive medications to prevent them from becoming ill. 

The Local Information Network Communication System Agency staff has developed and continually tests plans to respond to these and other public health emergencies, and implements a strategy that combines enhanced planning, innovative training, and realistic exercises to strengthen the Division's emergency prevention and response capabilities.

In addition, Local Information Network Communication System Agency staff collaborates with other government agencies, community organizations, and worksites to enhance community preparedness and encourages residents to be prepared for emergencies.

You can take steps now to help you prepare for an emergency and cope if an emergency happens. 

Here are some suggestions for your emergency supply kit:

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