Pesticide Control Program

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In 2011, the Mercer County Division of Public Health County Environmental Health Act Agency started with the Pesticide Control Program. This inspection-based program provides outreach and education within the community on compliant usage, storage, and record maintenance of licensed pesticide products, businesses, applicators, and operators. Areas of focus in this program are on:

  • Integrated pest management (IPM) within schools
  • Unlicensed landscapers applying pesticides
  • Application of pesticides within multiple family residences
  • Appropriate commercial pesticide applications for bed bugs
  • Unregistered products
  • Complaint investigations 

Enforcement of regulations under the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Pesticide Control Program, N.J.A.C. 7:30-1 et seq., may result in required facility compliance assistance, program violations, and/or potential penalties. Inspections focus on pre-selected facilities, random observations, or can be complaint driven through the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Emergency Notification Hotline or citizens.

Additional information may be found at the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Compliance and Enforcement.