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Traumatic Loss Prevention Services

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The Mercer County Division of Mental Health oversees the Mercer County Traumatic Loss Prevention Services (TLPS), which provides three main community services:

  • Educational training workshops and conferences to equip professionals with the knowledge necessary to respond appropriately to crisis events and to minimize personal trauma and the threat of contagion among youth.
  • Assistance to schools in the aftermath of a traumatic loss by deploying members of the TLC trauma response network. This includes technical assistance and consultation and  assistance with needs assessments. 
  • Use of its trauma response network to provide supportive responses and interventions for youth and their caregivers in the community in the aftermath of community violence via structured gatherings with activities designed to help participants identify their strengths and enhance resiliency with the goal of violence reduction and resiliency enhancement.

The Traumatic Loss Coalition is a voluntary group of dedicated professionals, community members, and involved residents. It was the first traumatic loss coalition established in New Jersey, formed in 1995 as a result of a series of tragic losses including a number of serial suicides among teenagers that occurred in Mercer County. Membership is comprised of many sectors of the community: law enforcement, education systems, mental health professionals, private agencies, public officials, hospitals, local health departments, members of the clergy, and others. The TLC meets monthly to discuss traumatic events with particular impact on teenagers and to identify the potential for increased cooperation and collaboration for improved response in future incidents.

The Traumatic Loss Prevention Services and the Traumatic Loss Coalition also:

  • Host conferences on traumatic loss topics.
  • Offer technical assistance to school systems and municipalities.
  • Provide trainings for media regarding response to traumatic loss situations.

Contact Michele Madiou at or at 609-989-6574 for more information.