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Funded Mental Health Services

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Services for adults funded by the Division of Mental Health include:

  • Crisis intervention, which is designed to engage clients and families at the point of crisis, alleviating the need for more intensive services.
  • Day treatment/partial care programming designed to provide structured activities and related supports for those who do not require full hospitalization but are unable to function optimally on a daily basis.
  • Outpatient activities designed for those with mild-to-moderate acuity and include intake with a clinician, individual psychotherapy sessions, family sessions, group sessions, psychiatric evaluations, and medication monitoring.
  • Prescriber services, which allow consumers to see Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) practitioners in conjunction with psychiatric services.
  •  Support for families and consumers, which provides information and support to consumers of mental health services and their families and senior citizens living in the community with activities including individual and group support and counseling, public education, group-based education services, peer support, and advocacy.
  • Senior care management, which provides mental health screening and psycho-education for Mercer County’s senior population.
  • Hispanic outreach services, which provides outreach case management and counseling services to Latino residents and their families.
  • Payee program services, which assists individuals who have functional limitations, mental health concerns, and who are chronically at-risk of homelessness to manage their benefits or other income.
  • Transition to treatment, which provides a viable, readily accessible treatment opportunity via a comprehensive range of pharmacologic, therapeutic, recovery, and supportive services as an interim step to linkage to the appropriate community provider for those referred by the Mercer County Corrections Center or the psychiatric screening center, or those 21 years old or older who are self-referred who have a diagnosable mental illness and who have needs as evidenced by psychiatric symptoms to a degree of such severity that they interfere with functioning in two or more life domains.
  • Supported residential designed to enable mentally ill residents age 55 years or older who are homeless and identified as a high priority for housing by the CEAS (Coordinated Entry and Assessment Services) Center to obtain and remain in housing.    

Funded services to increase the accessibility and availability of psychiatric services to children/youth and their families across Mercer County include:

  • Outpatient services, which includes individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, medication monitoring for psychiatric, psychosocial, and/or psychological problems.
  • Day treatment services that include psychiatric evaluations, medication monitoring, group counseling, skill development in activities of daily living, socialization and recreational activities, and support services for children with emotional/behavioral, psychiatric, psychosocial, and/or psychological problems.
  • Early intervention services to identify the early signs of emotional problems and provide early detection of mental illness in children ages 2 years through 6 years old.